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 You are Not the Boss of Me! 

Our daughter, Emily Christine, embodies the strength every woman should embrace. Ever since she was small, Emily has been determined to be the best she can be. Emily’s kindergarten teacher summed Emily up at our first parent-teacher conference, saying, “Emily will be quite a leader one day.”

When she was 7, Emily swam backstroke in her first swim meet and I wasn’t sure she could make it across the pool. She gave it everything she had, and came in first. As she grew up she took the most rigorous subjects, attended four dance classes a week and played on the school soccer and lacrosse teams. No, she’s not always the best one on the team. Her soccer coach says, “Emily isn’t a top player, but she puts more into her game than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Because she’s happy with who she is, people are drawn to Emily and her enthusiastic spirit. Today, Emily is completely confident about the way she looks. She's a beautiful young lady and doesn't wear much makeup on a daily basis. But when she gets all dolled up, she's nothing short of spectacular!  Emily, without really knowing it, is a role model for women who want to be happy and sure of themselves. The mission of our studio is to show every woman how beautiful she can be, no matter what her age or body type, and to give her a feeling of confidence and empowerment that she will take with her when she leaves our studio.

At just three, when Emily’s grandmother was going to babysit Emily and her brother, Emily informed her, just to clarify things, "YOU are not the boss of ME", to which her grandmother (who was another strong, confident woman) firmly replied, "Well, today, Emily, as a matter of fact, I am.” Even as we hid our smiles, we all realized at that moment that nobody was ever going to mess with Emily.

To celebrate her strength, courage, self-confidence, and self-empowerment we are proud to name our photography company, “Emily Christine - Portraits of Women”.