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Long Island's premier destination for boudoir photography, where every click of the shutter celebrates the power of femininity and self-love

Glamour Portrait of a beautiful Long Island WomanEmbark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Emily Christine Portraits, a sanctuary of boudoir photography nestled in the vibrant heart of Long Island. Celebrating 30 years of exceptional artistry, this 100% woman-owned studio has dedicated itself to capturing the essence of femininity and self-love through the lens of empowerment and elegance. Each snapshot not only immortalizes beauty but also celebrates the unique story of every woman who steps through our doors, making Emily Christine Portraits a cherished destination for those seeking to uncover and embrace their true selves.

At Emily Christine Portraits, our commitment to the transformative power of photography is unwavering. Led by our talented and passionate team, we've dedicated three decades to perfecting the art of boudoir photography, creating a safe and nurturing environment where women can explore and embrace their true selves. Our mission is to offer you a deeply personal experience that not only captures your external beauty but also reflects your inner strength and grace.

IMG 3692 AHere, it's not just about the photographs—it's about the journey. From the moment you step into our studio, we are committed to making you feel comfortable, confident, and celebrated. Our expert team's compassionate approach ensures that every session is tailored to highlight your unique beauty and personality. Whether you're marking a special milestone, gifting a loved one, or simply treating yourself to an unforgettable experience, Emily Christine Portraits is here to capture your essence in the most beautiful and respectful way.

Join us at Emily Christine Portraits on Long Island, and let's create timeless pieces of art that celebrate you. Here's to 30 years of empowering women, and many more to come. Welcome to our studio, where every woman's beauty is celebrated, and every portrait tells a story of confidence, elegance, and empowerment.



ref cristinaEmily Christine Portraiture is an amazing photo studio! I had the pleasure of working with Peter and he took the most beautiful pictures of me in my boudoir photo session!
I couldn't be happier with my portraits. Not only is the photo studio clean and neat, but Peter makes you feel comfortable. I've never looked so good, and I'm so happy to have these pictures for a lifetime.
Thank you so much to Emily Christine portraits and to Peter for capturing these phenomenal photos, I will definitely be booking my session again!"


ref luisa"I absolutely loved my experience at Emily Christine. Peter was highly professional. He made me feel at ease right off the bat. I was skeptical at first, but he just made me feel so comfortable. I love how my pictures came out, they came out wonderful. Just really, really thrilled with the results. Their makeup artist is amazing. I'm just so happy with everything, I couldn't recommend Emily Christine Portraits more."


ref gabby"I wanted to do something that allowed me to 'step outside the box' a little. I wasn't so sure about a boudoir session but decided to do it after meeting Peter and Nancy. The session was a lot of fun. More fun than I expected. Peter was really great at setting me at ease. He told me exactly how to pose. He really respected my modesty and was very professional throughout the session. When I came back to view the images I was blown away. I wanted to buy them all. This was a great experience and I really love how I look in the photos."


Before and After Examples

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See some of the transformations we have made!

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Boudoir Sessions

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Boudoir sessions are designed to make any woman feel sexy, look awesome, build their self-confidence, and see themselves as a beautiful and strong person. 

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 Glamour Sessions 

GlamourThumbnailThese images are intended to show a more glamorous view of a woman.

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 Beauty Sessions


These sessions comprised of images that would be the most modest and conservative.

Our Beauty Gallery is coming soon.

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Maternity Sessions


Special, tastefully created images to show the true beauty of an expecting mom.

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High School Sessions 

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These images are intended to show the beauty, spirit, and personality of a young woman.

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